Airport Dream Meaning

airport dream meaning, dream about airport, airport dream interpretation, seeing in a dream airport

In general dream about an airport have variable meaning. They often have positive interpretations as they associated with travel, success, and leisure. But sometimes that can mean the receiving of good or bad news. Seeing a large airport in your …

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Airplane Dream Meaning

Air-plane dream meaning

Seeing an airplane in a dream often has a favorable interpretation. Nevertheless, the meaning can be altered significantly by the circumstances in the dream. Merely seeing an airplane that is resting on the ground indicates that you might have doubts …

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Abbot Dream Meaning

The dream about an abbot tells you that someone has the power over you and control what you are doing. Often the results are undesirable for you because you are restricted. Such dream foretells that you will be faced many …

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Axle Dream Meaning

axle dream meaning

Seeing an axle in the dream means that you need to be more concentrated on the essential things in your life, do not waste yourself on something useless. You may have a lack of confidence and independence in real life …

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Ax Dream Meaning

If you dream that you see the ax, it can be a sign that you derive your strength from the fight. If you hear the ax in the dream heralds the joy of communicating with friends. For a young woman to …

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Avocado Dream Meaning

avocado dream meaning, dream about avocado, seeing in a dream avocado

In general, avocado dream meaning is a deception or a lie in real life. You should pay attention to these warnings to avoid trouble. There are other variations of the meaning however which depend on the circumstances in the dream. …

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Autograph Dream Meaning

If you dreamed that crowd of fans was pulling hands to you to get your autograph, in real life, you could not satisfy your ambition. If you dream you will take someone autograph, then, in reality, you need the support …

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Ashes Dream Meaning

ashes dream meaning, dream about ashes, ashes dream interpretation, seeing in a dream ashes

Dreams in which ashes are seen can have various meanings, but often they are a sign of becoming at ease with ones past and focusing attention more towards the future. Also, this dream may portend solutions to problems that bother you. …

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Arrow Dream Meaning

arrow dream meaning, dream about arrow, arrow dream interpretation, seeing in a dream arrow

The arrow dream meaning often have a positive interpretation. Because they are associated with success in both the personal and the professional life. Remember whith an arrow was and what you did to it. According to some interpretations seeing an …

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