Abortion Dream Meaning

A dream about abortion can have a different meaning. It all depends on the details of your dream. The most popular interpretations are given below.

If you dreamed that you had an abortion, then in real life, you will be faced with a situation that will be hard to handle. At the same time, you are forced to follow the circumstances.

For a young woman dream in which she was going to have an abortion, but then abandons her plans, is an uncertainty symbol. It means that she has alarming thoughts about the upcoming marriage and she still cannot make a final decision.

If in your dream you bitterly regret about an abortion, then, in reality, you should put more effort to achieve the goal. And not waste your time on trifles.

If in a dream you agreed to have an abortion and signed the necessary papers, in real life, that’s a bad sign. It is a chance that real-life problems are waiting for you. Try not to make any decisions in haste.

For a man, a dream in which abortion is present offers to take care of the health of native women. Wife, mother, daughter, or another woman close to you are expecting troubles soon. Take care and help as much as possible so that the problem does not grow.

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The dream in which you feel the interruption of your pregnancy personifies your inner fears of the world around you. You are so afraid of stumbling on the way to a dream that you are ready to give it up altogether. You should not do this: mistakes help you gain life experience and adjust your path to the goal.

For a pregnant woman, the dream of having an abortion in any manifestation is a warning about the threat to her baby. It is worthwhile to show more care and attention to one’s health so that irreparable grief does not happen. You should less be nervous and take more rest.

If you dream about the operation of abortion, symbolizes the failure and disruption of plans. Perhaps, because of the human factor, the entire case will suffer, and you will have to admit defeat.

The dream in which you feel the consequences of such an operation, says that will be surprise. Will happen events that will be able to knock you out of the rut for a long time. Do not take everything too close to your heart and try to show more flexibility to benefit from different life situations.

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If in a dream you have to act as a surgeon and perform an operation to terminate a pregnancy, this is a sign of problems. This prediction applies in the professional sphere. You are waiting for hard times at work. You have to spend a lot of work and time to overcome the difficulties.

Dreams, where you are preparing for an abortion, in real life they are a warning that you should refrain from rash acts. Do not do anything to others around. Also, refrain from any action, wanting to prove something to someone. It will hurt your life and bring a lot of grief into it.

Disorder in the family and disappointment in loved ones threatens when they urgently persuaded you to have an abortion in a dream. The behavior of relatives will make you move away. Perhaps their actions will lead to a long pause in communication.

When the husband tried to persuade the wife to make an abortion, it is a symbol of doubt and uncertainty. Most likely, in real life he does not want to continue to have a relationship with this woman.

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