Age Dream Meaning

Dream in which conceptions of age are featured have wildly varying meaning. They are sometimes signed in acknowledgment of the dreamer getting more mature and wise. And sometimes they are a sign of genuine concern related to getting old.

If in a dream you think about your age in any way, in general, this is a sign excessive hardness of character. Your hardheadedness becoming an issue in your personal life. Someone might ask you to reconsider your attitudes which you will not be able to do.

If in the dream you see yourself older than you are it means that you should take more care of your health. You might want to reconsider some long-standing habits of yours that are unhealthy.

If you see yourself in the dream being younger than you are in real life, it means that memories from the past will haunt you in the next few months. Some reemergence of issues from the past is also possible. It is especially true if this dream has a recurring nature.

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If you see yourself in the dream being at your real age, pay attention to your behavior. This is dream means that you should be less uncompromising in your life. Try to be more flexible in the way you come to decisions. It is especially the case about the professional growth and the career.

Seeing yourself in the dream is very young, such being a child it means that you will feel some guilt over your actions in real life quite soon. Please note that this dream can also point to you having a notable ‘burden on your shoulders.’

If you are very old in the dream means that you recognize that age has brought you wisdom and authority. Even if you are relatively young in real life.

If someone asks about your age in the dream means that someone will want some honest answers in real life from you soon.

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