Alligator Dream Meaning

Dreams that feature an alligator as a prominent theme can have various meanings depending on your current situation in life as well as on the circumstances in the dream itself.

Merely seeing an alligator in your dream means that you are not adequately assessing the danger that lurks in real life. You might be underestimating someone’s desire for revenge. It is especially true for the personal experience and if this dream has a recurring nature, it can mean that you need to lessen your risky behavior in your own life.

Sometimes seeing an alligator in a dream can mean that you need to be less trusting of business propositions that will be made to you in the next few months. This dream is also a warning against talking part of the risky financial business.

Seeing a large group of alligators means that there will be an influence of a ‘bad company’ in your real life in the upcoming time. Be careful of being persuaded to do something foolish or even against your will.

Seeing an alligator that is not aggressive in your dream can mean that you will soon get off some trouble by using your excellent adaptability and resourcefulness. This dream can also say that there is a significant desire for a change in your life in you.

Running away from an alligator in the dream can mean that you are unwilling to face some problem in real life also. The issue might be too painful or uncomfortable for you.

Dream About Alligator

Hunting alligators in a dream mean that you will be not be made to do something against you will despite the intense pressure that will put on you. It is especially true for happenings in your personal life and might touch upon issues of romantic and sexual nature.

To kill an alligator in your dream means that you will successfully defend yourself from actions by your enemies.

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