Amethyst Dream Meaning

Seeing an amethyst in the dream can have various meanings as a lot depends on the actual circumstances in the dream.

Merely seeing an amethyst in your dream means that you need to be very honest in your dealings in the future time if you want to maximize your financial success. It is especially true if you have this dream over and over again.

Seeing a lot of amethyst stones scattered on the ground can point to you having many unfulfilled desires in your life.

If you dream that you have lost an amethyst stone, it means that you will not get the attention that you expect from others in the next few months. It will likely happen in your personal life.

If you receive amethyst stone as the present from a stranger in your dream, it means that a close friend of yours will give you good advice to you.

If you receive the amethyst stone from someone that you know, it means that the advice will come from a stranger but despite this, you will find it to be perfect and valuable.

Finding an amethyst stone in your dream can mean that in real life you will come to a very enlightening realization about your professional life. It will enable you to apply your knowledge and experience more innovatively.

Wearing amethyst stone on the necklace in your dream means that you will be offered to be a part of a somewhat exclusive deal in the upcoming time. It could be an excellent possibility for a profit but be careful of taking on too much risk.

Wearing an amethyst stone on a finger ring means that you will be soon made part of the somewhat crucial social circle that will be connected to religion or spirituality in general.

Digging up an amethyst stone from the ground is a sign of good fortunes in real life.

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