Animals Dream Meaning

If you dream of animals that can speak means that you soon be faced with the person that has high wisdom in real life. This facing off will be a positive experience, and it might help you solve a personal dilemma that you have in you.

To set free animals in your dream indicates that you have strong desire to tell your inner feelings to someone. This dream can also point that you have a strong need for intimacy with someone which might not be sexual.

If you dream of saving the lives of animals it means that you will need help in real life to help yourself. A dream like this one can sometimes signify that you need emotional support, but you are not getting it when you needed it the most.

If you see laboratory animals in your dream, it means that some aspect of your personality is repressed or at least not acknowledged by others to the fullest extent. Your expressivity might be stifled, and this might give you a lot of trouble especially if you are naturally quite an expressive person.

Hunting animals in a dream can mean that you need to be more relaxed about some aspect of your personal life. You might think that some people do not enjoy this part of you, but that is likely not the case.

Being attacked by a large group of animals in the dream can mean that you will need to be more careful of your actions in your personal life. Sometimes this dream means that you should not take huge risks and indulge yourself into risky own and sexual adventures.

If you hear in a dream the cries of animals, this is a sign of profit.

If you are attacked by the wild beasts, and you were able to fight them off, then in real life you will meet new friends, perhaps with their help, you can progress in your career.

Dreaming about the herds of wild animals brings prosperity and wealth in real life. If you see a crowd of several species of animals in a dream, then this will return news from a distant friend.

If in a dream you have the head of a donkey, a dog or a horse, then this is a sad sign, then this portends pain and unhappiness. If you have a bird head instead of yours, then this means that you do not need to stay for long in this country.
If you are attacked by a furious animal, such as a bull, a lion or a tiger, then know that your apparent enemies are plotting against you.

To dream that you own the head of a lion, a tiger, a wolf or a bull instead of your head, then this is a perfect dream. If this is a dream for a person who is trying to accomplish something unachievable for him, then in real life, he will succeed, and he will receive recognition and respect from others.

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