An abbey in your dream means spirituality, peace of mind and freedom from anxiety. Your mind is free of problems and body is full of strength. You may resolve all life’s difficulties and reach a new horizon.

But if you see an abbey in ruins means that you do not believe in yourself, and you may feel your hopelessness. You have a tendency do not finish what you started. You should try to concentrate on results and ways how to reach it.

If in a dream you can not get into an abbey, because a monk blocks the road, this is a good sign. Due to a lucky coincidence, the intended difficulties passed by. Someone, without understanding it himself, helped you to achieve a good result in the conceived business. It may involve ordinary repairs in the home or a significant activity at work.

Dream about ruins in place of the abbey warn that your hopes and aspirations will not come true. Take this philosophically, everything that is done is done for the better. And make a new period for yourself to fulfill your new dream.
Danger threatens your health if you have walked through the corridors of the abbey in a dream. Do not neglect your state of health and, in the case of even a slight malaise, go straight to the doctor. The problem can be much more severe than it seems at first glance.

Condemnation and even a boycott of friends await you in reality when in a dream you were talking to someone from an abbey. One of your actions will cause an outburst of anger and blame to those around you. Take note of their words and try to understand the truth that they want to convey to you. The quarrel will not last long, because real friends will undoubtedly forgive your shortcomings.

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