A dream in which the abbreviation stands out clearly has, as a rule, a positive meaning. This can apply to any part of your life. But most often this prediction concerns the working sphere. It all depends on the details of your vision. The most popular the dream options are described below.

If in a dream you saw an abbreviation that is familiar and can decipher it, is a good sign. In reality, life will be calm and well-planned shortly. Relations with people will develop best in any part of your life. Be it colleagues at work, relatives or a beloved person. Professional activity will proceed smoothly, without positive outbursts or failures.

A dream in which the abbreviation is unfamiliar, and you can not solve it, no matter how hard you try, predicts an unknown situation. You will find yourself in new circumstances that you will not be prepared for. Most importantly, you should not panic. Be creative and resourceful in solving problems if you do not have enough knowledge in this area.

Dream about the abbreviation containing the error warns of a tense situation in the family. Any annoying little thing will cause an explosion of anger in your household. Do your best not to succumb to the general madness and find a way to smooth out all conflict situations. Without using the opportunity to restore peace and understanding among native people, you will live for a long time, like on a volcano.

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When in a dream you have to write down an abbreviation or a double-sense encrypted word that you understand, it says about the reliability of loved ones. You can safely trust your secrets with friends and ask them for help in solving difficulties. Also, you will successfully negotiate to involve them in your new project or venture. Joint business will not harm your friendship, even with an unfavorable outcome.

Luck in all spheres of life awaits you if in a dream it was possible to solve the puzzle from unknown abbreviations. Most likely, it will be connected with a grandiose victory at work and will bring advancement on a career ladder.

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