A dream about abroad can have different meaning. In general, it has a positive interpretation. And most often refers to your social life. However, depending on the details, the meaning of a dream may vary significantly.

Seeing in a dream that you are abroad or going there promises a quick and pleasant journey in a good company. You will find it necessary to leave your native country to visit other places and other climates.

If a married man dreams that he and his wife are in a foreign country, it’s a good news. Then in the reality someone will leave him an inheritance. For a bridegroom, such a dream promises happiness in married life.

A dream trip to distant countries reflects the likelihood of an unexpected, fascinating sexual adventure.

Traveling to new countries involves meeting with a mysterious and charming man. He will help to realize all your bold fantasies. You will experience new, unusual sexual feelings. Will feel like a student discovering a new world.

To go on a trip to Paris is a sign of empty hopes and expectations.

Find yourself on vacation in Italy, this is a good sign. It is prophecies about receiving an invitation to a cultural and entertainment and cognitive event.

To be in a dream in the Vatican promises unexpected mercy from others and useful acquaintances.

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I was lucky to come to America, warned with a dream book about excessive altruism. Because of which a dreamer can harm himself.

Traveling to Africa in a dream broadcasts about the agitation of a sleeping person about his secret secrets. It can become public.

Dream about traveling to an unfamiliar, inhospitable country, this is a danger warning. In reality, you should be prepared for the fact that your competitor is building secret plans directed against you.

The dream in which you are forced to leave your country, but you do not want to do it, means that you will get into a complicated situation. But you will be able to get out of it with dignity.

Dream about rest and rejoice in foreign countries could mean that you are inclined to trust your first impression. Which is not always right, which often causes losses.

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