A dream where you saw an accident has a negative meaning. This can apply to any part of your life. The value depends on exactly what happened and with whom.

If you dream that you are driving a car and have an accident, then, in reality, you should be prepared for any eventuality.

If in your dream, you miraculously managed to avoid an accident, it’s a good news. Then you in real life you will honorably exit the confusing situation.

If you dream you see a few broken cars affected by the disaster, then, in reality be very careful. You do not have to rely on others. Especially if you want to have your plans executed well and on time. You are required to have maximum control over the situation to avoid any difficulties shortly.

An accident where you had an accident in a dream has different meanings. It all depends on the type of transport. A railway accident means a loss of money. A road accident – an injury to health. An accident on board a ship – loss of friends.

If you are married, dreams of accidents predict pleasant surprises. For an engaged person, such a dream means a speedy wedding.

If in a dream you are helping the victim of an accident, you can expect betrayal from a friend. Most likely, this is someone deceives you from taking the expected money.

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If you see your friend in distress, then this portends to you difficult life circumstances. After such a dream you, will be worried about what you have conceived and started to put into practice.

Accidents are not at all as random as they are supposed to be. If you accept the idea that the unconscious representation is determined by many external events of our lives, then it is logical to assume that many of the so-called “accidents” are the direct result of decisions taken by the subconscious. Avoid any actions that can provoke situations that are fraught with catastrophe.

If you have witnessed an accident in a dream, then you need to for a while refusing long trips and travel. Especially air travel can be a danger to your life.

If in a dream you are a victim of an accident, then such a dream presages a fierce struggle for achieving the most important goal of your life. It is possible that you will suddenly find out – your friend with considerable losses to himself never tired of helping you.

If you were a victim of a disaster in a dream, then such a dream predicts the approach of a series of failures. Probably shortly you will not succeed.

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