Dream, where you received a deposit for your work, foreshadows the success of any business. Whether it’s raising up the career ladder, litigation or a love affair. Now you can achieve what you want in any field, if only you want.
Issue an advance to other people is a sign of trouble and misunderstanding. You are expecting significant quarrels on financial grounds. Perhaps, it is necessary to disassemble with the employer because of unpaid money or a family conflict by large expenditures. Keep yourself in hand and do not go to scream. Any problems are more accessible to solve in a calm tone and rational thinking.

If you were able to get an advance from a real boss in a dream, then the proposals for work will be accepted with pleasure. It can be both new projects and a proposal for streamlining the workflow. Do not be afraid to come up with your plans and notes.
Spending the advance received in a dream predicts financial difficulties in reality. You may have to borrow money to solve your problems. Be careful in spending and do not make rush purchases. Spontaneous decisions now threaten a material disaster for your budget.

When in a dream you lost money or became a victim of a pickpocket, expect changes in family life. How significant are the changes depend on the amount of money stolen. Noone knows what will happen in the future.  Now, anything can significantly affect its course, even the news from the most distant relatives. Prepare for what will still be nothing.

Sleep, where you recounted the money received and found a shortage, promises troubles in the financial sphere. Be careful when signing any financial documents and payments. Your slightest mistake will be a painful blow to the wallet

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