A dream of affection can have different meanings. This may concern any part of your life. From domestic difficulties to the purchase of real estate. Any detail of the dream can be important.

The dream about the sensation of sensitivity and tenderness interprets as the lack of love in reality. The lack of pleasant feelings, in fact, is compensated by bright pictures in the dream.

If you had a dream about the sensation of warmth, in reality, the feeling of defenselessness does not give rest. Try to spend more time in the company of native people; this will help to relax and stay calm.

If you had the dream about the care and tenderness of a loved one, be careful in a relationship. Most likely, this person deceives you, pursuing personal goals. The dream about thoughtful touch, making you tremble, waking up will be harbingers of quarrels and strife. More often it is an interpretation of infidelity of the second half.

The dream about the manifestation of quivering and tender feelings (for example, in the form of lovely gifts) in real life can bring disappointment. Family quarrels can cause tension in relations and their rupture.

The dream about the weariness of an extraneous man in a dream interprets that hard work is waiting for you. Tune into positivity, because for your hard work you will undoubtedly get decent financial compensation. Also, this dream can prophesy a meeting with a person who will become very dear to you.

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A dream where you reacted to tenderness joyfully and passionately, interprets mutual understanding and harmonious development of relations. Try not to break this happiness by being too much irritated.

If you had a dream about someone from the past showing care, it is necessary to prepare for the coming changes in destiny. It’s time to implement on the long-standing dreams. Just do not forget to keep your emotions under strict control, their open expression can spoil everything.

The dream about tenderness and affection shown to the child interprets of a stable position in life. It promises to be measured and bring joy.

The feeling of tenderness and caring can be shown not only to people but to animals too. So, a right attitude towards domestic cattle (cows, goats, etc.) in the dream interprets that it will bring a significant increase to the home budget.

The dream about love towards domestic bird predicts the impending bustle and anxiety.

If you had a dream of caring for dogs, cats foretells large purchases, most often in real estate.

When you see in the dream of caring for birds it’s can be interprets as the craving for freedom and independence. Moreover, wild animals predict great difficulties, which, in the end, will bring a significant profit.

affection dream meaning, dream about affection, affection dream interpretation, seeing in a dream affection

A dream in which you feel the warmth that fills the heart from the inside interprets a calm and happy life. Your dreams of success turn out to be the reality.

The dream of a man where he caresses a girl whose face he does not remember could be a sign of dissatisfaction with the sexual life. He needs to discuss this problem with our partner in real life.

Also, a man should consider what kind of girl was in a dream. The dream of a beloved woman interprets the development of relationships. The dream of tenderness with someone else’s partner explains the profits from questionable sources. Do not participate in risky enterprises, so as not to create trouble with the law.

The resumption of past relationships symbolizes doubts. You do not have enough confidence in making decisions,  turn to a trusted person for the guidance.

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