If in a dream you saw yourself as a passenger of a liner that crashes, this is a warning about the dangers in real life. Try not to fly in the near future by airplanes and cautiously manage with other types of transport.
Pay attention to the details of the dream, if you saw that the catastrophe occurred because of a familiar person, then, in reality, you bypass it. When the accident occurred through your fault, then the harm will come from within. Such a dream means that you are hurting yourself and can not stop. Take time to your own psychological state. Apathy, panic, denial, and pessimism will not serve you well. Get rid of negative emotions before embarking on a business or making an important decision.

An air crash, which you saw from the side, warns about the failure of all plans. Be ready to make quick decisions and adjust to the changing situation. Otherwise, you will have to calculate the amount of damage from your own slowness and hindsight.
A dream where you observe the consequences of a plane crash or you are the only person who survived it, predicts a lonely journey to the goal. Even the most reliable people will leave you and will have to take up your own business.

Do not rely on luck, and take control in your own hands. Your ability to think extraordinarily and find original ways out of difficult situations will greatly help in finding the right solution.

To feel in the dream every terrible second of a plane crash is a good sign. Having survived such a shock and a pain in a dream, you can be sure that in reality such a situation does not threaten and safely use this mode of transport.
If in a dream you have observed the crash of an airplane from afar, this heralds a speedy resolution of all difficulties. You are fully capable of correcting your own mistakes and directing life in the right direction. Do not stand there, act.
When you have to take responsibility for the decision of the destiny of a liner in a dream, the life changes are coming. This is exactly what you so missed. Do not resist and take the situation under control. Sometimes you are not in power to correct the situation and push your destiny in the right direction.

The panic that you show in a dream during a plane crash warns of a tendency to conflict. Learn to control your emotions and control their manifestation. Anger and aggressiveness will not give you a chance to achieve a dream.

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