In general dream about an airport have variable meaning. They often have positive interpretations as they associated with travel, success, and leisure. But sometimes that can mean the receiving of good or bad news.

Seeing a large airport in your dream means that your long-term plans will come true in your life. No matter how grand and visionary they are in their scope. This dream also points to significant long-term progression. Especially, when the career success is concerned.

Seeing a small airport in your dream means that the next few months will be filled with routine. Probably, this will bore you much.

Seeing a ruined or destroyed airport in your dream means that you need to be careful during any upcoming travels. As there is a chance for you becoming a victim of deception or small theft during the trip.

Seeing a lot of people at an airport means that you there will be a lot of sexual activity in the upcoming period. If you have this dream over and over again, it’s a nice sign. It can say that your sex life will be transformed completely.

If you are an airport employee in the dream, means that you would be able to prevent some big trouble in your personal life. It will be mainly due to your caring and methodical nature.

If you dream that you have met a friend at an airport, it means that you will receive good news in the upcoming time.

If you dream that you have reached a former lover or a friend at an airport that’s a bad sign. It means that you will receive some unsettling news soon.

Seeing a plane taking off from an airport means that you are quite sure of your actions and decisions. This refers to your the professional life. You might be quite confident, and you might not take any criticism easily.

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