To dream of various alcoholic drinks at a banquet or a party means that a significant event will soon take place, which will bring you not only great material benefits but also respect and gratitude of those around you.
If you dream that your loved ones drink alcoholic drinks and you participate in it, then, in reality, you will have to make a difficult life choice between the material and spiritual benefits.

A dream in which you somehow cannot take part in drinking strong drinks means that you have to make a global decision about your whole life. If you restrain yourself and do not drink a single gram, this dream predicts that you will have the determination to make this critical decision.

If you drink alone then in real life you have to take on an errand that you will not be able to fulfill, but you cannot abandon it either. Think about how you will behave in such a situation, so that now when it comes to being, you were not caught unaware.

To see that you are selling alcoholic beverages means you have to do something that you do not expect from yourself, and this is unexpected for your loved ones. They think of you as a person incapable of any extraordinary deeds; in fact, you have the talent to make from everyday life a real holiday, where everyone has his place and where everyone feels very comfortable.
To see that you are treating someone at home with a healthy alcoholic beverage represents that you have excellent organizational skills, and if you can try yourself in this field, you can achieve great success.

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