A amputation dream meaning may be various options. Most often, the value of such a dream relates to personal life and friendships. But, depending on the details of the dream, there may be other interpretations.

If you dream that one of your both hands or both legs have been amputated it means you will soon have a falling out with a friend. A conflict might arise with them that will take a long time to be overcome.

Amputation of a single finger on your hand means that you will have some trouble. Likely, in communicating something to your friends.

Amputation of a single finger in your leg means that you will be able to have a significant profit. This will be possible if you by making a successful business trip.

Amputation of one leg signifies that you will have trouble holding on to something in your personal life. You might be forced to make changes in your way of approaching some things in your own life.

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Amputation of one arm means that you will be stopped from doing something you like.  It will likely be via a legal means. And this dream can also point to possible legal issues that might arise from your favorite pastimes.

If you dream that both hands and legs have been amputated, it means that you should become more conservative. This position will have a good effect on your professional life and especially into financial investments. The dream can also point toward a strong need of overcoming some problem of financial or material nature.

If you dream that amputated parts of your body have been restored, it means that you will be able to defend yourself from attacks by your enemies.

Doing an amputation on someone in your dream can mean that you need to put your emotions. This is especially true about some aspect in your professional life. This dream can also expect that you should be less scathing about advice from others. And it might be wise if you listen to them more carefully.

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