The meaning of a dream in which the apocalypse is featured can have many forms. A lot depends on dreamer’s religious or spiritual beliefs or the lack of them. And also from that, what the apocalypse means personally for you.

Sometimes having a dream in which the apocalypse is featured means that the dreamer is going through tough times in real life. It can be due to serious negative events that had happened or just due to negative mood and emotions.

According to other interpretations having a dream about the apocalypse can show that the dreamer has concern over more significant issues. For example, the fate of the humanity as a whole. This dream can also indicate a preoccupation with philosophical ideas and concepts.

If you dreamed that during the apocalypse you are surrounded by many other people, this indicates loneliness in the future. Soon you will have to go through a difficult period. It is especially true if this dream happened during the early morning hours of the night.

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Being alone and experiencing the apocalypse in the dream signifies that things will intensify in your social life soon. This increase of social activity will bring more positive developments in the professional life also.

Sometimes a dream about the apocalypse signifies that massive change is about the happen in the life of the dreamer. This change has been likened to a spiritual awakening as well as the complete shift in the values of the dreamer.

If in the dream you were able to withstand the apocalypse it shows your strong morale. You will have the resilience needed in real life to go through a demanding task.

If you are told in the dream that the apocalypse is near, it means that you will be survive a few unpleasant moments. You will required to do something entirely unpleasant and unattractive in your professional life. It might harm your reputation and standing.

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