In general, dream about an appleĀ  has actual meaning. The meaning, however, can change slightly depending on the circumstances in the dream and the nature of the dream itself. Try to remember all the details.

Seeing ripe apples on a tree is very positive sign. As it promises excellent success in your career and professional life. This dream also points to a rather substantial influence of destiny on your progress. You might find that you will be a part of a wild and unpredictable ride. That will end to be an entirely positive experience for you.

Picking ripe apples off an apple tree means that your plans for the future in real life are sound and realistic. It means that you will achieve your goals without significant difficulties. Finding that the apples on the tree a too high for you says that your plans are overly optimistic and unrealistic.

Seeing rotten apples in your dream means that you need to be less critical of other peoples suggestion that is aimed at you. As some of them might prove to be quite useful for you in the next few months.

Picking spoiled apples from an apple tree means that you will soon have to make a difficult decision. On which a lot will depend. This decision will likely be connected with your professional life and career.

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If you saw a lot of apples lying on the ground, it means that you need to be careful. Do not trust of hypocritical behavior among your friends. This dream can also say that you need to revise the list of your friends. As some of them do not indeed have the best wishes for you.

Eating red apples in the dream points to a significant number of sexual adventures in real life. That are about to occur in the upcoming time. This is especially true if you have this dream during the early morning hours of the night.

If you see a blooming apple tree in a dream, it is a happy dream for those who feel worried or depressed. Do not worry, things will get better soon, and luck will soon be on your side.

If you are going to get married, then seeing sweet and ripe apples in a dream is a warning sign. Recommends you to wait with this prestigious event.

If you dream of red apples in green foliage, then this is an enjoyable dream. Ripe apples hanging in the leaves mean that it is time to sort out your plans out and bravely move forward in life.

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