About the happenings in your life during this year in general

This year for the people that are born under Aquarius will be one of relaxation and pursuit of leisure. It is due to the diminishing influence of Saturn which signifies that preoccupations about the career and the professional life will take a second place.  There is also a distinct aspect of you reaping the fruits of your hard work that has happened in the previous few years. It is especially true for August.

Some new understanding of the position and the direction in professional life is likely. More wisdom will be gained in a sense by extracting lessons from the happenings in the previous few years.

Although this year is suitable for cashing in on previous investments of getting recognition for previous endeavors it is not suitable for making any large decisions in professional life as the Saturn influence will be weak.

About your professional life

As said above the Saturn influence will be weak, but this does not mean that things will take a lull in the professional life and career. As mentioned, some form of recognition that will be lasting in its scope is likely. More often than not past efforts will be praised and remembered. This aspect is so strong that it might make a right path for the happenings in the professional life for the next year.

The period around September will bring increased activity in professional life and this will due to personal contacts with other people. The romantic life in a sense might be helpful for the career prospects.

The very end of the year in December will bring a slightly strong element of stability in professional life. Some form of a contract or something of that nature is likely to be signed, and this document will enable security in both the happenings in the professional life as well as the income levels. This document will also be well appreciated and certainly will be put to excellent and lucrative use.

About your personal life

The aspects are quite bright in the own life. It is quite essential that Venus will be in a retrograde motion between July and September and this is a strong indication of getting close again with an old lover during this period. Things are so peculiar that a new blank page might be turned, a new beginning might occur in a sense. The month of October will bring a lot of possibilities for new developments in your sex life. A new area might be explored, something that has not been looked highly upon before. This period will last until the beginning of December after which things will take on a more usual and familiar pattern.

In general, the happenings in the personal life during this year will be characterized by sense freedom and enjoyment which indeed is always a plus in the Aquarian understanding of things. Here the added independence from the professional constraints that had happened in the previous years will be an added benefit.

About your health

The central aspect of the Aquarian nature will be in full swing during this year which indicates that there will be a great sense of fulfillment and enjoyment that will permeate throughout. The health levels will, therefore, be quite excellent and mental stress will indeed not be an issue.

Right on the end of November, a slight downturn of energy levels is possible, but this will be readily rectified with a few days of rest and merely spending some time away from the usual (professional) surroundings.

In short, this year is indeed one in which most Aquarians can store a lot of energy in them for any future endeavors. This will however only occur if enough time for rest is allotted especially during July.