About the happenings in your life during this year in general

This year will be strongly characterized by breaking new ground in both the personal and the professional life. Total reinvention is unlikely, however. It’s more of the old methods being used in new, more innovative ways. This change will also be welcomed by the environment.

The spiritual life and the spiritual advancement will be quite pronounced, and some form of a new appreciation for things that were looked down upon in the past is likely. It is especially the case during June due to the position of Mars.

During March increased activity will be noticed about the professional life. A lot of opportunities will present themselves though most will only pass with a memorable notice. Some short-term gain from these opportunities is likely, however.

About your professional life

Regarding breaking new ground, there will be two periods this year. The first period lasts until April and this period will bring little in the sense of inventiveness and novelty in the professional life. The second period starts from the beginning of April, and it coincides with Pluto being in a retrograde motion. In this period increased inventiveness, zeal, and drive are all likely in the professional life.

The end of the summer will bring a slightly unexpected twist in some professional or business relationship. The outcome of the link will be far from expected, but the relationship will be still lucrative from a financial standpoint.

In the inventiveness and breaking of new ground that will be a hallmark of this year, a teacher figure in a sense will be welcomed. Despite the strong feeling of being able to do things yourself outside advice and help will be beneficial. Even paying for information will be suitable given the things that might be at stake in the dynamism and inventiveness that will follow in the professional life during this year.

About your personal life

Until March the things in the own life will be slightly sedated. Time might be spent solidifying an existing relationship. In March the position of Jupiter becomes such that matters in your sexual life will start to move at an increasing pace. This period will last until early May after which more sedate manners will prevail again.

Regarding personal life, in general, the period of the late summer will be quite significant as new lessons will be learned and even put into practice. The situation is such that this period will demand bold decisions and actions which of course will be judged positively by some and negatively by others. Despite these outside remarks, a firm following of your path is needed.

As said above, some form of spiritual advancement is likely, especially during June. The old positions and attitudes will not be quickly discarded, however. On the contrary, despite the realization that will come during this month some time will pass until the newly appreciated spiritual values are put into full practice and use.

About your health

This year will be very dynamic in both the personal and the professional arena. Given the naturally high energy levels of the Arian nature, no significant difficulties of health nature are to be expected for the most of the year. The only month of lower energy levels in October and taking it easy during this month especially in the personal life is advised.

During October some form of transient issues with the bones and the joints are also possible. These issues will be somewhat unpleasant, but they will go away very rapidly even without medical intervention. Right from the start of December the energy levels will increase and reach your healthy levels.