In general, avocado dream meaning is a deception or a lie in real life. You should pay attention to these warnings to avoid trouble. There are other variations of the meaning however which depend on the circumstances in the dream.

Seeing a big avocado in your dream is a sign of the increase of creative energy. This is the case even if you don’t consider yourself to be particularly innovative. This interpretation is especially correct if this dream is of recurring nature.

Eating a good tasting avocado signifies that someone will deceive you in a very subtle manner as they will be quite skillful at pulling off the deception.

Eating a lousy tasting avocado means that you will be able to detect the deception and you will not fall prey to it.

If you see an avocado skin in your dream, it means that you will need to tell something very private to another person. This will be quite uncomfortable for you, and you will feel vulnerable after this.

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Dreaming of unripe avocados signifies that you need to be careful in your professional life and try to avoid rash decisions and actions if you want to maximize your success.

Dreaming of ripe avocados signifies that you will have long-term insight into your professional life. It is likely that you will make decisions which time will prove to have been visionary.

If you buy an avocado in the dream, then it is a sign of significant and profitable transactions in your professional life. This is especially true if you have this dream in the early morning hours of the night.

Selling avocados in the dream is a sign of financial loss due to lies and deception that someone will do against you.

To pick avocados from a tree signifies that you will soon have very positive experiences in your romantic life. This dream can also point to an existing relationship progressing further.

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