Bag Dream Meaning

bag dream meaning

Merely seeing a bag in your dream is a sign of something of significant emotional value for another person will be given to you. You will feel somewhat honored due to that. If you dream that you are walking with …

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Breasts Dream Meaning

breasts dream meaning, dream about breasts, breasts dream interpretation, seeing in a dream breasts

The meaning of dream, in which there is breasts, as the main theme, can be varied. It all depends on the circumstances of dream. And also from your attitude to what is happening. If a young woman in a dream …

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Book Dream Meaning

book dream meaning, dream about book, book dream interpretation, seeing in a dream book

In general, meaning of the dream depends on a personal attitude to the book that you see in a dream. Often this is related to your interaction with those around you. For proper interpretation, you need to remember the details …

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Bottle Dream Meaning

bottle dream meaning, dream about bottle, bottle dream interpretation, seeing in a dream bottle

The meaning of a dream, where there is a bottle can be different. It depends on your sex. And also from the the contents bottle itself. If a woman sees a bottle in a dream, regardless of content and form, …

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Bull Dream Meaning

bull dream meaning, dream about bull, bull dream interpretation, seeing in a dream bull

Usually, the meaning of a dream, in which there is a bull, refers to the financial sphere of your life. Depending on the circumstances in the dream seeing the bull can have several different meanings. Often however this dream has …

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Bride Dream Meaning

bride dream meaning, dream about bride, bride dream interpretation, seeing in a dream bride

Throughout history dream that features a bride as a prominent theme has often been positively meaning. That is the case in more modern times also. Depending on the details of the dream, this may be a warning about a possible …

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Balloon Dream Meaning

dream about balloon

Depending on the circumstances, balloon dream meaning can be interpreted differently. Sometimes it can mean that you will soon have frivolous past times and sometimes it can point to a sudden and unexpected change of events. Seeing a single balloon …

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Back Dream Meaning

If you see your own back in a dream then it foretells failures and a possible weakening of health. If you have a broken back in a dream, then it is foreshadowing that your enemies will overcome you and you …

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