Baby - dream meaning

baby dream meaningOften a baby seen in a dream is very positive sign. It signifies a new start and possible a new purpose in your life.

If you dream that a baby is smiling at you in the dream it means that you would be able to experience pure joy in your personal life in a very short time from now. Alternatively, this dream means that it doesn’t take much for you to feel happy and fulfilled. If this dream is recurring it means that a series of positive events will happen in your life soon.

If you happen to find a baby in the dream it means that you would be able to unlock some hidden potential in you. Alternatively, this dream can mean that you would be able to develop a talent that you have neglected in a sense previously.

If in the dream you happen to forget a baby it means that you will have a strong desire keep something hidden from your environment in real life. This dream can also mean that you would realise that you have a weakness which you previously hadn’t noticed. This weakness will make you to modify your old ways of conduct.

If you dream of crying baby in your dream it means that you would realize that there is a part in you that needs to be cared for. This dream can also mean that you will realize that you won’t have the full attention from your environment.

Feeding a baby in a dream is a very positive sign as it signifies that a very strong need in you for something material will be satisfied after a long time of waiting. If this dream is recurring it means that destiny will soon favor you and it promises a great increase of luck in both the personal and the professional life.

If you see a newly born baby in a dream that means that, a pleasant surprise awaits you in life. If you are a mother in real life and you dream about a baby's illness, it means that your own baby will be of good health, and your husband will have professional successes in life.

If you dream that your baby has a fever, then this is a harbinger of your sacred anxiety.

If you are a nanny and you see in a dream a seriously sick baby or his death, then it heralds death, but not necessarily in your family and surroundings.

If a woman dreams that she is breastfeeding, then a person she completely trusts will deceive her.

If an unmarried woman dreams about having a baby, this predicts that she will be possibly accused of immoral behaviour.

If the mother sees in a dream that her child has died, then she should prepare for the fact that her eldest son will marry early and he will reach great success in life, more than his father will.







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