Badger Dream Meaning

If you see a badger in a dream and the dream comes to you in the first half of the week, then this indicates that you will soon have bright and happy days.

If you have dreamt of the badger in the second half of the week, and if, in addition, he has bitten you or attacked you, then this is a good sign that you are in good health, you will stay healthy and active for the next six months or a year.

If in a dream you see how a badger male cares for a female, then this may be a harbinger that you will meet a new love in life or if you have a lover, then expect from him gifts or surprises.
If in a dream a badger is looking for food in the forest and preparing for hibernation, then it is very likely that in life you are waiting for possible changes or a trip to a nearby city.

When you dream of a badger in a zoo, it heralds anxiety and restless feeling in your life, however, it will not be for long.
If in a dream you find a badger hole, then this portends luck in your life.

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