Banana Dream Meaning

Seeing a banana in a dream is a sign of functional changes, everything goes to the fact that you will be productive and happy.

If you see growing bananas in a dream, then you will very soon be lucky in love, and if you have a partner, then you will have many pleasant activities and events together. If you see many banana fruits on the tree, then this is a sign that you will be in the center of attention and receive many words of gratitude and admiration.

To see bananas green and unripe in a dream, it heralds the necessary meetings with uninteresting and unnecessary people or relations with a partner will enter the cold phase of the relationship.

Rotting bananas warn you that your endeavor is doomed to failure, shortly be cautious in making important decisions. Maybe your workplace does not quite fit you, and you should think about changing jobs.

If, in a dream, you sell bananas, then in the future you may make unproductive investments.

If you buy bananas, on the contrary, it means that you will have great success in professional work, art, creativity.

If you dream about eating ripe bananas, heralds that you can be in the epicenter of a conflict situation, you will have to answer for your words and deeds, maybe after resolution of this situation your relationships with some partners or friends will end, but your most loyal people will remain next.

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