Bible Dream Meaning

A dream that features the Bible as a prominent theme can be meaning quite differently. It all depends on the details of sleep. And also depends on the dreamer’s attitude towards the religion and of the Bible itself.

If you are quite a religious person and you dream of the Bible it reflects your spirituality. It means that you revere the book and its teachings in real life. This dream can mean that you are in touch with your inner spiritual self.

If you are not Christian but you are quite religious and you dream of the Bible it is a symbol of mental anguish. This is means that you might be tempted to reexamine some your present religious beliefs. Alternatively, this dream can mean that happenings around you will cause you to re-examine your assumptions.

If you are not religious and yet you dream of the Bible, it means that you will soon become in touch with spiritual teachings. And it will spark an interest in undertaking more spiritual quests in your life.

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Dreaming that you are selling Bibles signifies that you are willing to hold on to your beliefs very tightly. And also defend them if they are attacked by other people. This interpretation is especially correct if you have this dream in the early morning hours of the night.

If you dream that you are reading the Bible yourself, it means that will seek new spiritual inspiration in the upcoming period.

Reading the Bible for other people signifies that someone will ask you for the guidance of spiritual nature in the future. This dream can also mean that your religious authority will be affirmed in a sense.

If you dream that you are printing the Bible, it reflects your inner desires. Probably, it signify that you have a desire to tell your views about the world to other people. You might need to find people that have similar looks like your own.

Burning, tearing or destroying a Bible in a dream this is a good sign. It means that you will only find its teachings to be more valid in real life.

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