Bikini Dream Meaning

If a young man dreams of a girl in a bikini, then, in reality, he suffers from a lack of communication with the opposite sex because of his shyness. For a young woman, a dream in which she sees herself in a bikini warns her that the pursuit of dubious pleasures will not bring her anything positive.

Alternatively, a color of a bikini may affect dream meaning. Bright colors foretell you about bright future; dark colors usually mean some unpleasant situations.

If you dream that bikini is taken off you with water, then shortly your secret will be revealed. If you see such a dream from Thursday to Friday, then this indicates that you can be deceived, so be vigilant.
If in a dream from Thursday to Friday, you dream that you are walking on the beach in a bikini and attract the views of men, it means that soon you will meet a fatal man, try not to get caught in his charms and keep a realistic perspective on the situation.

If in a dream you are taking off a bikini in front of others, it means that you are too frivolous with money and it can play a cruel joke with you.

If in a dream you try on someone else’s bikini, then this can mean that you are too presumptuous and you should be more modest.

If you dream that you are wearing a bikini in an inappropriate situation, then this is a sign that you feel uncomfortable in the current life situation or that your young man does not appreciate you or treats you disparagingly.

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