Bird Dream Meaning

In general, a bird seen in the dream has a favorable meaning. It can point to periods in good imagination, inspiration, and clear-mindedness in the dreamer. It all depends on the details of your dream.

Merely seeing a bird in your dream standing on something and not flying this is good sign. It indicates that you will be able to recognize a favorable opportunity in your personal life. This dream can also signify that you will have an information advantage over someone.

Seeing a bird making vocalizations in the dream, bring a good news. It can indicate that you will soon receive an astonishing but pleasant piece of information. This information will be likely connected with your personal life and possibly a romantic interest that you have.

To hear in a dream the croaking of crows or the hooting of an owl predicts the illness of an acquaintance.

If you see a bird flying high in the sky, it means that in real life you will have a perfect amount of energy. And also inspiration, and imagination in the next few months. This dream can also say that you will finally try to do something new in your life. Maybe it might indicate that you are about to make a radical change in your life.

If you see a flock of birds flying in the sky,  it means that you are confident in your ability to take on challenges in your professional life and career.

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If a bird lands on you in a dream, it means that you will pick something unique in your professional life. This will very likely be against your expectations, and it will be quite surprising for you.

Seeing a large bird of prey flying above you indicates that you need to be careful of your moves. Especially it concerns in the personal life. As indeed people are watching your movements and they expect you to make a mistake.

To be attacked by a giant bird in the dream be careful. Probably, it signifies that your enemies will make a move against you.

It is a good sign if, in a dream, you see a bird with beautiful plumage. If a woman sees such a dream, it predicts an acquaintance with a rich and fascinating admirer.
If in a dream you kill birds with a gun, it symbolizes hard work. You will have a lot of work in the near future.
To see in a dream how a bird flies into the house is a sign that there will be losses. Most likely of a financial nature.
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