Black Cat Dream Meaning

According to one definition merely seeing a black cat in the dream can mean that you will feel quite unlucky in real life. You might think of everything that could have indeed gone wrong and that you are indeed the victim of destiny.

If you see a black cat that crosses your path in the dream, it means that you should not undertake any business trips in the upcoming months as the deals that you will make during these trips are unlikely to be successful no matter how hard you try for them to be successful.

Feeding a black cat in your dream signifies that your goodness and honesty will be returned in kind by people you have had helped in the past. This dream can also mean that an old, estranged friend of yours will be blaming you.

Petting a black cat in your dream can mean that you need to be careful of intrusions in your personal life by other people. Indeed someone might be a bit too interested in your own life and the happenings in it.

To be scratched or bitten by a black cat in your dream means that a friend of yours will turn against you when you least expect them to do so. This dream, in general, can also point to a loss of trust in someone that is very close to you.

To see a group of black cats in your dream means that you will be able to find a group of friends which will become principal allies of yours but their honesty might be suspect. It is especially true if you have this dream several times or if you have it during the early morning hours of the night.

The dream, in which you saw a black cat, predicts participation in a noisy scandal or a fight. Try to avoid conflicts with the party.
A black cat that crossed your path in a dream, in fact, prophesies communication with an unpleasant person. Remember that it’s better to follow the rules of the right tone and not show an open dislike to anyone whatsoever.
The attack of the black cat foreshadows a confrontation with the enemies. It will be an unpleasant moment. But, who is forewarned, he is armed. If the cat is just nearby, then in life you will be forced to be in the company of a malevolent and unpleasant woman.

The cat of black and white color that clings to you in a dream tells of a short break in a string of difficulties. You should not relax, the most severe trouble lies ahead. When you hear meowing this cat, expect lies and betrayal in real life.
If a black cat bites you in a dream, this is a warning about a severe illness or heinous rumors. Both will thoroughly damage your nerves. When this cat belongs to someone of friends, know that people are very offended by your actions. Recollect that could cause annoyance and try to correct position.

Dream, where you drove the black cat away from yourself, says that in reality, it will be easy to overcome problems. A few decisive actions and everything will turn out fine in life.
Killing a small black kitten warns you against neglect of life. Your carelessness can play a bad joke, and an excellent opportunity to change your life for the better will pass.

dream about black cat

The dream where you killed an adult cat, presages that you will overcome difficulties and succeed in the end. If you tried to kill a cat, but nothing happened, it symbolizes the struggle with your own ego and conscience. When you just watched the killing of a black cat from the side, the meeting with a vicious man is waiting.

A sick and shabby cat warns of a serious illness of the closest friend and bad news about him. The same promises a dream, where there were two cats.
A lot of black cats from the dream mean that enemies have infected your friends. Look carefully who is happy to communicate with you, and who hides hostility and dislike under the guise of good nature.

To dream about love games of black cats is a symbol of complete failure in personal relationships. If you have a loved one, then quarrels will lead to parting. When you are free, a new cordial acquaintance will end in disappointment.
The black cat sitting in your arms hints at participating in unpleasant things. Try to abandon the dubious enterprises for their peace of mind.

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