Blanket Dream Meaning

The blanket dream meaning of the need for comfort in real life. Depending on the appearance of the sheet in the dream the interpretations of it can vary, however. Try to remember all the details of dream.

Dreaming of a large blanket can mean that you would want to ‘cover’ something up in real life. You will be keen on some things from your past not to be known. This is especially true if the blanket had a black color.

Brightly colored blanket seen in the dream is a sign of you being the center of attention in real life, especially about your work and professional life. If the color of the blanket is bright yellow, expect notable professional success that will come as result of the attention you will receive.

Seeing a baby blanket in the dream can point to you having joy and happiness in the personal life. This will mostly come as result of other people’s actions that will make very happy and joyful. You will like the respect that you will receive.

Being wrapped in a blanket in the dream can point towards some fear that you have in real life. This is due to the quilt representing a form of a protective barrier which can be translated into a psychological setting. This dream can also signify that you feel defenseless against something in your real life.

Dirty blanket seen in a dream is a sign of you being aware of the emotional effects that your actions have on other people in your personal life. If this dream is recurring, it can mean that there is some dilemma of whether continuing along the same path is the right thing to do.

To be given a blanket by someone in the dream can mean that someone will protect you from harm in real life. This is especially true for your personal life.

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