If you see your own back in a dream then it foretells failures and a possible weakening of health.
If you have a broken back in a dream, then it is foreshadowing that your enemies will overcome you and you will become a matter of ridicule. If your back is covered with ulcers, it is a harbinger of failure in your personal life.
If you dream of your nude back, it means a loss of power that you had.
The dreams about your back can be a sign that you should restrict yourself from lending money or giving advice to other people.

If you saw a person in a dream who turned his back on you and goes away from you, be sure that someone envies you and plots intrigues against you.
If you dream that someone slaps you on the back, then this may be a sign that you will lose money by investing them in a bad business idea.

If you have a backache in a dream, then in real life you are in danger of postponing the plans, the realization of which you have been waiting for.
If you see that other people have a backache and complain to you about it, then this can be a harbinger of deep disappointment in a close person.
If you dreamed of the back of your fiancé or lover, this could be a sign of betrayal on his part or perhaps parting with him.

In general, seeing your own back in a dream means that you need to stop depending on old fears and feelings. Realise that old fears take all the energy from you, and you need to keep moving forward, despite this and you will certainly achieve what you want.

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