Merely seeing a bag in your dream is a sign of something of significant emotional value for another person will be given to you. You will feel somewhat honored due to that.

If you dream that you are walking with a bag in the dream, it means that you genuinely enjoy life and go through it without giving much thought to other people’s remarks about your actions and deeds.

Losing a bag in the dream can mean that you will lose the confidence into a person that is quite close to you. This will be due to their actions which will be quite nefarious towards you.

If you dream that you are looking for a bag in the dream, but you can’t find it anywhere, it means that you will be a victim of petty theft in the upcoming period. If you have this dream several times, it says that the emotional value of the stolen items will be great for you.

Having a bag from another person in your home in the dream means that someone will ask you for help which you will give gladly to them. This dream can also mean that you will need to be more careful of whom do you trust with your financial matters as it can point to some sort of financial loss that you will have as result of someone else’s mistake.

If you buy shoes and bag in the same shop,  this dream points to you having plans for well ahead in the future,  especially when matters of financial nature are concerned. This dream can also mean that the upcoming period is quite suitable for making long terms investments.

If in a dream you stuff a travel bag with belongings, then it foretells that your life will be full of vanity and empty troubles.

If you carry a heavy travel bag in a dream, then this may be a sign that you will do the work assigned to you and you will be rewarded for it generously.

dream about bag

When a woman dreams that her bag was taken from her in a robbery, it means that the woman is defenseless, and she cannot resist evil events and people, and she needs to find a reliable friend.

When in your dream you see yourself immaculately dressed, and with the nails, bag, and lipstick are all of the same colors, this is a sign that you live in harmony with the world and people around you, that you enjoy life. Keep going the same way!

If you dream a bag full of money, then wait for the profit or reward. Your financial affairs will come back to normal. Perhaps you are starting a new project at work that will be successful and bring you profit and satisfaction

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