Depending on the circumstances, balloon dream meaning can be interpreted differently. Sometimes it can mean that you will soon have frivolous past times and sometimes it can point to a sudden and unexpected change of events.

Seeing a single balloon in the dream points to high hopes that you might have. If the balloon is red, it means that the promise of a romantic nature. If the balloon is blue, it says that you have hope is being freer in some area of your life. If the balloon is green in color, it promises better health and vitality.

Dream about a large bundle of balloons means that you have a very high opinion of something that often irritates other people. This dream can also say that you have a high ego that seems to put off some people.

Selling balloons in a dream is a sign of success concerning your being able to communicate something to other people. Often this dream is a sign of progress in trade and business deals also.

To see a balloon popping in the dream signifies that you will hear somewhat surprising news in real life. This news will be rather pleasant but much unexpected also.

dream about balloon

If you dream that you are buying balloons, it signifies that you need to be less accepting of business offers that you will receive in the upcoming time. They will sound lucrative though on a more extended run they will not bring consistent profits.

If you dream that you have sharp nails and you pop the balloon with them, in real life you can expect unforeseen situations, that will bring new acquaintances and new possibilities in life.

If you dream of a balloon that floats upwards into the sky it means that you will be able to overcome your emotional issues. If you feel upset in a dream, then it signifies more happy times ahead.

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