The dream in which you saw bamboo has a different meaning. Most often it says something new in your life. However, the interpretation depends on the details of the dream and your age.

If you are a young woman or man, seeing a bamboo in a dream it is a symbol of everything new. It means that a person enters a new phase in life. In the period of growing up and accepting a new level of responsibility.

If you dream that you are resting in an armchair or on a sofa made of bamboo, this is a good sign. Probably, this presages you a pleasant pastime with friends.

Dream, where you make your way through a dense bamboo grove, symbolizes that soon you will encounter difficulties. This can happen at work or worth expect a quarrel with a friend or a close person. Prepare for this and try to avoid unnecessary conflict.

If in your dream you are holding a cane or an umbrella with a handle made of bamboo, it means trouble. Possibly that small domestic troubles will soon come to your life. This will cause vexation and thus only exacerbate the situation.

If you are fishing and fishing rod is made of bamboo, then it heralds fatigue from household and work matters. And it’s time for you to rest.

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If a young woman dreams that she tears off the young shoots of bamboo, it is a symbol of procreation. Most likely this is a sign that she will give birth to the son. Or if a man dreams that he tears off young shoots, he can expect the delivery of children in his family.

If in a dream you are trying to snatch wildly growing bamboo shoots from your plot of land, then this is a harbinger changes. It says of what will happen in your life a revolution. You have to realize the senselessness, worthlessness of your current aspirations. And you will be captured with entirely new ideas. A similar dream, if you dream of it on the night of Thursday, presages a distant journey to exotic countries.

The dream in which you found a treasure under the bamboo indicates that you place too much hope on luck. And that life requires you to make efforts and work hard. Destiny will come to your side if you are more persistent in achieving this goal.

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