A dream about basketball can have a different meaning. It can apply to any part of your life. Depending on the details of the dream, this may be a warning about the hypocrisy of friends or advice to become more friendly.

If you had a dream about playing basketball, you really could hope for a friend in any situation. He will find time to help and support.

The dream of being in a noisy crowd of fans is a sign of a slow but sure move towards a goal. Not participating in risky ventures, you will come to the intended target, as it was expected.

The dream where you are watching a basketball match sitting in front of the TV screen, tells about the shortage of funds in your budget. The fulfillment of even the smallest desires must be limited. It will continue until you independently take real steps to eliminate this problem.

The dream, in which you turned into a national team coach, promises to hear winning proposals in life. Agree or reject- it’s up to you, but there’s no trick in it.

The dream about speaking for the national basketball team, suggests the achievement of goals. You can trust your plans and calculations: they are entirely accurate. However, in case you missed in the final throw, you should double-check all the ideas. A mistake from a dream can become suggestive about solving the affairs.

If you had a dream where you watch a great game of the team, which is still defeated, be careful not to trust your friends. The person whom you consider a close person will betray for his purposes.

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If you had a dream about a dangerous game of basketball players suggests that you are to blame for your difficulties. You need to change your attitude to what is happening around you, and people around you will become friendlier.

The dream about a game against a strong opponent predicts to err in his impressions. You cannot judge people by their clothes. In reality, a person may be completely different from the first acquaintance.

The dream about teaching a game of basketball to children predicts that colleagues will appreciate your work with dignity. It will raise your status in the workplace and lead to career growth. However, do not rely too much on the favors of the stars: without due diligence, you will not succeed.

The dream about correctly hitting in the basket with your eyes closed or standing with your back to it reflects a lack of recognition in life. You want to be in the thick of things and want respect for others.

If you had the dream when you are a fan of a friend who plays basketball, it suggests that a lot of complicated and laborious work awaits ahead. However, the high payment for these efforts should not be expected. Most likely, it will be utterly free labor. However, a dream about a friend winning notable victory allows you to hope for a positive financial result of your work.

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