A dream about a bat can be both positive and negative meaning. It depends on the circumstances of the dream. Usually, such the dream tells you how to act in real life, and helps to avoid trouble.

If you have a dream about a bat or a night bird of any kind, it is a bad omen. Mainly if the dream falls on Thursday or Friday. Then do not take any significant decisions or actions shortly.

If in a dream you see a bat flying at you, then you will meet with an insincere, deceitful person. Perhaps this new stranger will offer you a business partnership or a job. But do not expect the benefits from this business, and the work will be hard and underpaid.

To dream of a white bat is a sign of an early illness of you or your loved ones. Take care of yourself in the near future, take care of your health. Do not make long trips, and refrain from entertainment.

If in a dream you see sleeping bats, it’s a good news. This is a clear sign that your intuition will increase and this will help you to understand the situation.

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If you see a flock of bats, flying across the sky and hunting, that’s a bad omen. This is a sign that your business is vain and unimportant. Do not spend too much energy on them and try to find new aspirations and hobbies for yourself.

If in a dream a bat bites you, this is a sign that you are now in a period of melancholy, despondency, and depression. Perhaps you have lost the joy of life after a series of troubles, it happens. Even if the outward circumstances are against you, find strength in yourself and continue to act. Need fight to the end and then you will definitely be lucky.

If you dream that you kill a bat, then such a dream brings relief, relief from suffering and sadness and depression. Your opponents will retreat, and you will triumph. You may have to sacrifice something, but this will not detract from your joy at all.

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