To dream of black color, of blackness is not a good sign, it means that you are in ignorance and how long this state will last is not known. You need to be patient and watch out for events around you.
Seeing yourself in a dream in black clothes is a sign of wealth and leadership in the current situation

To see yourself at a funeral and surrounded by people dressed in black is a harbinger of the fact that you will have to fight for success in a new business.

To see the black sheets on the bed is not a good sign. You are waiting for parting with your beloved.

To see strangers dressed in black, and you in clothes of a different color – a sign that you will not be comfortable with the company of new people, the meeting with which you soon expect.

To see black furniture or other household items of black color is a sign of quarrels and resentments in your house, try to take a philosophical view of the situation and try not to provoke the conflict.

To dream of a black crow is a sign of sadness and sickness.

If in a dream you see how you write on the blackboard with white chalk is a sign that shortly your financial affairs will be on the verge of collapse because of economic panic, so do not take any risky actions.

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