The meaning of a dream, in which blue color prevails, is very diverse. Usually, the blue color in a dream is a harbinger of luck and well-being. It is also a sign of prosperity or a sign of respect from famous people. However, depending on the details of the dream, the value may vary.

However, for a man in love, the blue color in a dream means a quarrel with a loved one. But friends will settle this quarrel after some time.

If in a dream your attention is chained to a blue color, it means that you have a pure, unblemished soul, the nobility of spirit. This is especially valuable if you were able to maintain your internal appearance in such a way, despite all the vicissitudes of fate. To feel sad in a dream is to the joyous events. If you see miserable people in a dream, then this is a sign that in reality, you will be disappointed in what was supposed to foreshadow the success. To see strangers in a dream is a warning that unpleasant circumstances will interfere with your life, and your actions may not be productive. It is better in such a situation not to make decisions, but to calm down and do an enjoyable job.

The blue color reflects the depth of feelings, devotion, sincerity and a wise attitude to life. If you had a dream about predominant blue tones, it reveals about your philosophical position and, perhaps, deep sadness in your soul.

If you had a dream about streaming shade of blue that surrounds you trying, as if, to hug, predicts favorable events and a smooth course of life. However, all this can plunge you into depression by its monotony. Do not give in to despair; you can rosily change everything only with your strength.

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The dream of a bright blue sky represents freedom and deliverance. Cares and vanity will be left behind, giving you the opportunity to devote time to your desires and aspirations. Soon, life will play with new colors and become full of joy. Still, this dream can indicate a successful road; the planned trips will pass to “hurray” and will bring the desired result.

If you had a dream where you cannot remember the plot but remember the blue tones, this dream predicts the fulfillment of the most cherished desires and predicts the auspicious time, both for financial affairs and for personal relationships.

The dream about surrounding nature, painted in shades of blue, recommends spending time doing relaxing procedures. You need to redirect your thoughts from the material world to the spiritual and feel the entire strength of the elements within yourself. This will help to cheer up for new achievements.

If you had a dream in which you saw yourself dressed in the blue outfit, this dream symbolizes good fatigue and detachment from the world. Such a phenomenon will be caused by an unpleasant fall from communication with your loved one. Also, these robes suggest being the center of the trouble. Try to be quieter and more modest, so as not to cause all the fire of the negative to yourself.

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To dream of something painted in blue, in attention-grabbing color, means that your friend’s visit is coming soon.

If you had a dream in which all the interior items were painted blue in color, tells of the impending troubles in the financial part of life. Try not to make rash and unnecessary purchases. This money will be useful to you. This crisis can occur because of your arrogance and unwillingness to give time to accurate calculations. Hoping for a chance, you will find yourself in an unenviable position.

If you dream about the depth of the seas, it suggests withdrawing to unjustified hopes and vain expectation. Neglecting spiritual values for the sake of carnal pleasure will deprive you of the opportunity to fulfill your dreams.

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