In general, meaning of the dream depends on a personal attitude to the book that you see in a dream. Often this is related to your interaction with those around you. For proper interpretation, you need to remember the details of your dream.

For example, if you try to get rid of a book in your hands, then in life you have problems. And you cannot solve their.

If the words in the book are not clear, then you are tormented by a vital question without an answer. If in a dream, you are afraid to approach the book, then the unknown situation is torturing you.

Reading a book in a dream, when you are in the bookstore or in the library, is a sign that probably you have literary talent that you can develop, also this dream promises a new and useful acquaintance.

If you are dreaming of being an author of the books and you, read your own books while imagining, expect difficulties in publishing your works or expect to be criticised for work and actions.

If you see in a dream that your children are reading a book, then this tells you that they are developing and growing well.

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In-depth study of scientific postulates can bring to the sleeper the respect and recognition of the surrounding people. After reading in a dream a primer or a detective, one should wait awake to adventure. To dream a bible in a dream brings happiness and respect. Reading a unique book, this is definitely to fame.

The big book dreams of a career take off. If you read a small brochure that speaks of the positive attitude of influential people to you. Old books bear wisdom and warn of danger and evil around.

If books fall on you in a dream, then in life you can expect a waste of time and embarrassment in your career and deeds.

Writing a book in a dream promises discontent with work; if you print them, then, this is a sign of rapid enrichment.

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