The meaning of a dream about boots can be different. This usually refers to the financial sector or personal life. Try to remember all the details for the correct interpretation of your dream.

If you had a dream about crocheted boots, it tells that a fast journey (perhaps not a distant one) will bring about significant changes in life. Everything will change completely, everyday life and permanence will turn out to be the past. Something unusual and new will burst into the future. If you had a dream where you were engaged in cleaning these boots, symbolizes you to wait for the condemnation of others for an unseemly act. You can avoid this only in one way: always act in harmony with your conscience.

If you had a dream about buying boots, you should expect a pleasant surprise from a loved one in reality. It will fill the soul with joy and will ignite the unbearable light of a pleasant mood.

The dream about worn-out and damaged boots indicate a crisis in the material sphere. Things will stop bringing the usual income, and other people’s problems can make a big hole in your budget. Have enough patience to stand trial. It can also mean significant conflicts in the family, which will not be resolved quickly.

If you had a dream about putting on boots for a trip to somewhere or so suggests an acquaintance with an influential person. It will help solve a lot of current issues quickly and not very costly. Entrepreneurs who have seen such a dream should pay particular attention to documents. There is an excellent chance of discovering a fake among them.

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If you had a dream about being despair in finding boot, it suggests checking the faithfulness of the spouse. Most likely, you will find unpleasant facts for yourself. Do not react violently to such situations.

If you had a dream about someone else’s shoe, it is a sign that in reality, you will take on other people’s roles. Maybe you will have to solve problems instead of your friend or lover will be married.

The dream about leather jackboots represents sexuality and relaxed relations. You strive to learn new ways of obtaining pleasure. Experiments will help you better understand your desires and preferences.

The dream of different boots standing in a pair, warns of difficult times. A lack of money on the background of extravagance can drive you into a deep debt hole. It is worthwhile to budget intelligently and commensurate spending with income.

The dream about new boots promises that large purchases will prove to be more than successful and timely. Therefore, do not need to get upset because of wasting money.

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