The meaning of a dream, where there is a bottle can be different. It depends on your sex. And also from the the contents bottle itself.

If a woman sees a bottle in a dream, regardless of content and form, it is a symbol of difficult times. Most likely, you are waiting to some disappointments in life, either large or small.

If a man sees a bottle in the dream, it speaks of an imminent meeting with a beautiful woman. The interpretation for them depends on the contents of the container.

If in a dream you see an empty bottle, this is an omen of marriage to a sick girl. Those who are already married, such a dream foretells boredom, quarrels, and troubles in everyday life.

A clean and transparent bottle made of glass promises you nice meeting. It may be a respectable woman of a pleasant appearance.

If in a dream the bottle is filled with something sweet, most likely, the man will meet with the woman-coquette.

If you see in the dream water in the bottle than you should expect successful resolution of your current life situations. Any clear liquid is a good omen of love affairs.

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If you see a bottle of whiskey in a dream, it means a positive outcome of the struggles. You can win in any business.

If in a dream, you look at the bottle with wine then this foretells success in business and meeting a good company of people. When you drink it, then this is a sign of happy marriage.

If a man sees a bottle of vinegar, this could mean that your future wife will have a melancholic temper.

A dream where there is sunflower oil in a bottle is a sign of the religiousness and consistency. This interpretation refers to of the family of the spouse. If you smear oil from the container on your hair or skin, this is a good sign. Such a dream is an sign of future prosperity of your family.

A broken bottle is a bad omen. It usually foretells sad events in life, but with the support of your family and friends, you will overcome all the troubles.

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