If you had a dream about a box of chocolates, it promises success to all ideas. The main thing is to get reliable partners among the colleagues or partners. If you had a dream about the candies packed with whole berries in a large box, it symbolizes first profits are just around the corner. You can, without doubt, agree to proposals for investing money.

The dream about buying a box of chocolates says that it’s easy for you to get acquainted in any field, but the attitude towards them remains contemptuous. Remember that it is necessary not only to get acquainted with people but also to maintain friendly relations.

The dream of a box filled with colored pencils also tells about financial success. What you have in mind will necessarily return with excellent results.
If you had a dream about the shoes packed in a box, this dream predicts success in the business sphere. If up to this point, things went awry, now there will come a strip of luck and fortune.

If you had a dream about frozen fish in the boxes, it reminds you that it’s time to tackle the old issues. It’s time to get something that was put on hold.
The dream about a box in a gift wrapping advises not to rely on luck, but to make your efforts. You can achieve the goal only with the help of hard and painstaking work. The dream interpretation is the same for a box of matches.

If you had a dream where you saw a child been thrown in the box, this dream foreshadows fun events. Your ideas and undertakings will bring happiness and financial well-being.
If you had a dream, a box is hidden in a box; it suggests pleasant surprises. Maybe someone from your family will want to make you an unexpected gift. The dream interpretation is the same for a carton of juice.

If you had a dream where you were given a ring in a box symbolizes a serious attitude of a loved one in reality. You are ready to move to a new stage in your life with your partner.
The dream about collected things from traveling, packed in boxes, promises great changes in life. Do not resist and try to adopt a new way as soon as possible.

The dream of a gearbox in the car warns of significant problems. The habit of postponing everything to the future and negligence can play a bad joke. Take responsibility for solving current issues.
If you had a dream about a beetle in the box means minor troubles and annoying incidents. It’s capable of getting anyone out of themselves. If you had a dream in which you crushed an insect, you could easily overcome all the difficulties.

If you had a dream of packs of money filling boxes, this dream symbolizes rest and bliss. Soon you can get out of business and spend time with pleasure alone.
The dream of empty boxes symbolizes vain hopes and expectations. Do not waste your time and energy on projects that are doomed to failure in advance.

The dream of a champagne box recommends making careful calculations before making a decision and not get involved in a risky business. A small mistake can be fatal.

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