The meaning of dream, in which there is breasts, as the main theme, can be varied. It all depends on the circumstances of dream. And also from your attitude to what is happening.

If a young woman in a dream sees herself as a wounded woman in the chest, it is a harbinger of imminent danger. It can also mean approaching misfortune. Inflammations, pains and other ailments in the chest carry an early illness and life dangers.

A dream in which you see a dirty or withered chest predicts a great frustration because of love and reports the presence of many rivals.

To see a full and white breast is to prosperity and prosperity shortly.

If in a dream a man looks at your breasts, then soon the desire to yield to his persistence and signs of attention will overpower.

If a pregnant woman sees in a dream a married woman with bare breasts, it predicts a safe and quiet birth. When you look at a young breastfeeding woman in a dream, you can expect an early wedding. Seeing a mature woman breastfeeding heralds fast wealth and prosperity.

If a woman dreams that she is breastfeeding, then in life it promises a future pregnancy.

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If in a dream you breastfeed a boy, it reflects a strong-willed character and sociability, that can be very useful for a career. This indicates the need to realize your skills in the business sphere, as well as strong dependence on success in work and respect for colleagues.

If in a dream you breastfeed a baby girl, this foretells social changes, raising the social status. Such a dream shows the desire to realize the feminine principle in family life and motherhood.

If you dream breastfeeding someone else’s child, it promises betrayal of a friend to whom you helped. Most likely, it will be the person to whom more than once rescued.

A dream in which your child is breastfed by another woman promises help in a difficult situation. Most likely, you can rely on a complete stranger.

For a man, a dream, where his chest is hairy, can bring abundance and material well-being. For women, her hairy chest is a harbinger of fast widowhood.

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A dream where you breastfeed a kitten, says that you are in bondage to strong prejudice and self-deception. All this can bring significant troubles in your career. To avoid them you need to take a break and stay in silence and tranquillity.

Beautiful breasts of a young girl promise a quick fulfillment of desires. If you see a nude woman’s breast that speaks of possible reciprocal love and prosperity. To dream of a breast in a bra foretells that someone in your life who cares and worries about you.

To dream of a beautiful male breast carries for the woman happiness and fulfillment of the cherished dream.

If a man has a dream that he has milk in his chest, then in life he is definitely a favorite of fortune, prosperity and success await for him in all undertakings.If in a dream he feeds these children with milk, then most likely shortly he will become a father.

If you in your dream you drink milk from someone else’s breast then it is a reflection of emptiness and impotence. Seek help and support from friends and family, they will help to cheer up.

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