The dream about a brothel meaning deception, betrayal and a waste of effort. This can apply to any area of life to a greater or lesser extent. It also means that your stupid and unrestrained behavior will give surroundings an occasion for condemnation and mockery.

If a woman has such a dream, it personifies a subconscious desire to show sexuality, bordering on vulgarity and thirst for easy money. You want to get everything at once: male attention, freedom of choice and security.

The dream of visiting a brothel recommends that you observe the limits of decency in reality. Going beyond the permitted can cost you a reputation and a career.

The dream of a lady about her husband visiting a brothel heralds discord in relations and spontaneous communication of spouses in reality. You do not need to make scandals on trifles. After all, shifting a thing into its place is much more comfortable than to collect from broken splinters broken happiness.

The dream of your mother or sister in a brothel, predicts to be at a crossroads. Choosing between close people is necessary. No matter how hard, but such a step will be required. Otherwise, you will lose everyone.

The dream of going into a brothel for many people shows the desire to make much money quickly. While pursuing this goal, you run the risk of engaging in an illegal and risky venture.

The dream of man becoming the employee of a brothel is a symbol of conscious lies. He intends to go to deception in life. However, he should remember that everything secret soon becomes apparent.

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If a beautiful lady has a dream about working as a prostitute, it indicates a desire to make a man fork out. Most likely, she is sure that any relationship to keep on the masculine generosity and feminine affection. Please note that this statement is not the same for everyone.

The dream of walking along the corridors of a brothel without a special purpose in a dream predicts a meeting with a kindred spirit. You, finally, will be able to discuss with him / her interesting questions and topics that hurt the living.

If you had a dream where you chose a girl for a pastime, you would receive sudden wealth in reality. For example, you are lucky in the lottery.

The dream of paying the fee in a brothel is a sign of self-deception and attempts to escape from reality. Instead, dare to face the truth.

If you are a woman and had a dream where you are in search of a brothel building speaks of false values. This personifies the low interests of man you are interested in, his interest can only be acquired for money and for a short time. Perhaps, in reality, you are trying to achieve friendship and sincerity of others, offering in return material values: this is a losing affair.

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