Usually, the meaning of a dream, in which there is a bull, refers to the financial sphere of your life. Depending on the circumstances in the dream seeing the bull can have several different meanings. Often however this dream has a favorable interpretation.

Merely seeing a bull in your dream peacefully grazing signifies that things will become slightly favorable from a financial perspective. You might be involved in an entirely lucrative deal.

If you are male and you see a white bull grazing, this dream can mean predicts good news. Possibly, that you will become a father in the upcoming months.

To see a herd of bulls grazing in the dream, it signifies that great financial gain will be made by you. Mainly due to your ingenuity and inventiveness. This dream can also point to a final realization of a profitable idea.

To dream that you are herding bulls it means that your things in your professional life will become less restricted. You might be promoted to a new position which will enable you to have more freedom and be less restrained in your choices.

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To be attacked by a bull in your dream means that someone in real life will threaten you. It will likely be connected with your professional life, and it will probably touch upon your financial earnings.

To kill a bull in your dream, it means that you will have a conflict with your enemies at your workplace. Or in your professional life in general. Having this dream several times can say that the battle will be significant and that it might cost you significant financial earnings.

If you dream of a bull calf being born it means that you will get some rather significant inheritance that you will use very wisely.

Seeing a dead bull in your dream means that one source of earnings in your life will dry up. You will likely be forced to intensify your efforts in the professional life to cover up for the loss.

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