The dream of a flying bullet symbolizes betrayal and hypocrisy around. In a difficult situation, you can rely only on your strength. Think: are your friends around you? Alternatively, all the same, “parasites”? If you have this dream against the background of a big battle, expect that everything will develop too quickly in reality. You do not even have time to react to something. Do not chase after the events.

The dream of a bullet that flew past, which did you no harm, signifies that it is not difficult to defeat the enemies. Thanks to your perseverance and unshakable opinion, you will be able to achieve the desired result. Just do not let these qualities turn into arrogance and vanity.

If you had a dream that the bullet passed through the body and did not bring unpleasant sensations, you could count on a fun pastime. You will be filled with emotions and energy. The main thing at this moment: to direct them in the right direction.

If you had a dream that the bullet is stuck in the body, it is necessary to remember that it was subjected to an attack, this will be the appropriate dream interpretation.

The dream of a wound in the back signifies the betrayal of a friend or complexity where you did not expect them. While trusting someone, do not forget to monitor and double-check everything carefully. If the calculations and plans seem ideal, the woes are worth waiting for here.

The dream of a piece of iron caught right in the heart, predicts difficulties in personal relationships. You will encounter the displeasure of your partner, which will cause mental anguish and torment.

If you had a dream about damage on the forehead, it predicts eye-popping news. The news will surprise you so much that you will not regain consciousness soon. However, try not to delay this process in vain.

The dream, where you saw a belly injured by a bullet, advises you to see a doctor for a prophylactic examination. The earlier you find the cause of your illness, the more chances to do without complications.

The dream of a bullet stuck in the river reflects an annoying acquaintance or opponent. What is the one person that the other will not let you safely exist? In addition to the costs of noble efforts, in reality, you now feel the struggle of the subconscious with this individual.

If you had a dream about a bullet in the leg, it advises abandoning all travel. Whether it’s a vacation or a business trip, going there now, you’ll spoil your mood and take on a whole heap of problems.

If you had a dream that a bullet hit another person, this indicates the safety of the person in question in reality.

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