A dream about burn may have a different meaning. Depending on the details, it can be either positive or negative. This is most often related to your professional activities.

If you had a dream, where you saw or felt a burn on your skin, it warns that cunning enemies are trying to build intrigues. They cannot seriously hurt, so do not get too upset.

The dream of severe pain from a massive burn symbolizes the heat of passion in personal relationships. Most likely, you fall in love without failing, but do not rejoice ahead of time. Such a fire of love can bring only suffering and pain. This dream interpretation can also be of new acquaintances with people who will become close friends in the future.

The dream about a lot of small burns warns of a wave of annoying troubles. Only having solved one problem, you will necessarily stumble upon another. Do not invest much mental energy in this situation: better once again smile in your mirror to cheer up.

The dream of seeing a stranger with burns means that someone desperately needs your help and sympathy. It will require great dedication and energy costs.

If you had a dream where you saw scars from old burns in a dream, it symbolizes that life has come to a period of luck and success. Now is the time to embody the coveted dream in life: it will fill with happiness and joy.

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The dream of ulcers and blisters from a burn indicate a problematic period. Conflicts and scandals will cause much trouble and will leave deep wounds in the soul. Do not take everything so close to your heart. Leave the situation more often and be distracted by something pleasant.

The dream where you burned but did not see the traces, promises an incident that will leave an unpleasant sludge and a pressing sense of anxiety. If you do not have specific reasons and evidence, then being stresses is meaningless.

The dream interpretation, an important part is played by that part of the body which you injured. So, the dream about a severe burn of the entire skin cover warns that your good name will be in jeopardy. By your actions, you will damage your reputation and deserve critical reviews in the community. The dream of foot burns tells us that hard work and painstaking work will bring a well-deserved recognition. When you dream of damaged hands it’s predicts financial success and wealthy life. If you dreamed spots on the face advises you to rejoice at what you already have.

If you had a dream that open fire is burning you, it signals that friends will be false. Do not rely on help, but, on the contrary, be afraid of betrayal.

The dream where you experience burning, when walking on hot coals, it is a sign of your willingness to overcome any difficulties on the way to the goal. Do not lose this confidence and do not listen to another people’s advice.

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The dream of burning with boiling water foretells the changes in life. Lonely evenings will go to the past, and they will be replaced by the joy of communicating with the opposite sex.

If you had a dream about the burn from hot metal, it prophesies experiences and dependence on other people’s decisions. Try to protect yourself from strangers and take fate into your own hands.

The dream of sunburn warns that communication with people with negative energy will bring a lot of trouble and problem to your life. It is necessary to abandon such relationships and stop attempts to shift on your shoulders other people’s problems.

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