Clown Dream Meaning

Clown dream meaning, dream about clown, clown dream interpretation, seeing in a dream clown

Clown dream meaning that you make decisions under the influence of others. Also, this dream points to thoughtless actions, which you will be pressed to regret. Every detail of your sleep with a clown can be important. If you dream …

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Crow Dream Meaning

dreaming about crow

Crow dream meaning is often seen as being mysterious and magical, and one of the smarted birds. If you dream about the crow, you are either being warned or protected. That is unless you dream of a white crow, which …

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Crystal Dream Meaning

Crystal dream meaning, crystal dream interpretation, seeing in a dream crystal

The crystal is a representation of your human core. It can also be a sign of your unchanging crystal dream meaning is a representation of your human core. This is a reflection of your inner energy and talents. It can …

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Coins Dream Meaning

Coins Dream Meaning

Coins can often carry a similar meaning to rings. They are the symbol of the wholeness represented by a circle. Dreaming of a coin may represent something of significance to you, for example, imagining about two gold coins was a …

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Cell Phone Dream Meaning

cell-phone dream meaning

Cell Phone Dream Meaning signifies of psychological or emotional closeness. You are having feelings of needing something urgently. It may indicate feelings you are trying to avoid losing, or that you think are necessary to have. This kind of dream …

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Candle Dream Meaning

Candle dream meaning, dream about candle, candle dream interpretation

The candle is a significant representation of hope, memory, security, peace, and secrets. In certain situations, it can allude to romance, supernatural occurrence, or mystery. Candles are also known for providing a sign of security, as they are responsible for …

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Cheating Dream Meaning

cheating dream meaning, dream about cheating, cheating dream interpretation, seeing in a dream cheating

A dream of a cheating meaning your feelings. And also reflects internal insecurity. It is worth paying special attention to this in order to rectify the situation in reality. Cheating on your significant other in a dream is symbolic of …

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Camera Dream Meaning

camera dream meaning, dream about camera, camera dream interpretation, seeing in a dream camera

A dream, in which there is a camera has a negative meaning. It is a sign that you will have trouble. To stay away from the problem, you’ll need to consult the dream book for the meaning of the image. The …

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