Cactus Dream Meaning

In modern definitions, dreaming of a cactus is a sign of hostility and isolation. Pricking yourself with a cactus is indicative of a future conversation that will be difficult, and that will make you upset. The other person will not have their manners, and this will hurt your feelings. If the cactus is blooming, this can be good luck, and you need to prepare for a beautiful life that includes a significant financial contribution from sponsors, and total freedom.

According to Miller’s Dream Book, dreaming of a lonely standing cactus is symbolic that in real life, you will be distracted from the essential things in life, because of your anger and negativity. If you step on and crush a cactus, it means that you’ll get over your conflict and overcome your desire for revenge. If the cactus blooms in front of you, it is representative of reconciliation and peacefulness. It means that you will become mentally peaceful, and you will change your attitude and adopt a positive outlook on life. You will go back to someone who you have been fighting.

According to the Vanga Dream Book, seeing yourself in the desert surrounded by cactus is symbolic of being unable to get the attention of someone. This person took your interest recently and is significant to you. Don’t push your way in, or judge them. They will become open to you soon. If you spike yourself on a cactus spine and draw blood, It means that someone close to you will do something terrible. It may also be a warning that you will have some shocking news very soon, or that someone disagreeable will find out your secrets. You will need to take extreme care in what you do and don’t share with your friends regarding personal information.

According to Freud’s dream book, a cactus is a symbol of someone who is isolated and unhappy and has become bitter and horrible because they have been alone for so long. If you look after a cactus in your dream, this is a sign that you are experiencing a love that is forbidden. If you had to relocate the cactus, but, couldn’t pick it up due to its spines, this means that you are repulsed by specific people you are in contact with and try to avoid touching them – and stay away from their attention.

If you see yourself providing water to the cactus, then it means that you are holding onto hope that the strained relationship with your lover will become better again.

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