Cancer - dream meaning

cancer dream meaningDreaming of cancer has two main interpretations. The first is that it is a representation of death. It is a person’s way of processing their fears around dying.

The second interpretation of cancer is of an unhealthy emotional or mental state. If you dream about cancer, it is a warning to first think about the part of the body where the cancer was in your dream, but then also to think about the possible psychological interpretation of the dream.

Example: Before I was diagnosed with cancer, an angel visited me in a dream and told me that we were all angels before birth, and that we have no limits. Being borne into this world places limitations on us so that we can learn a significant lesson. When we die, we go back to being angels. Our limits are gone again at that time.

Example: Dear Tony, My sister, who I loved very much, died from brain cancer last week after a 7-year battle. She hasn’t visited my dreams, visited the dreams of my cousin, the morning after the funeral was held. He dreamt of a peaceful and sunny meadow, which had a small, white cottage at one end. My sister was in the meadow, and looked exactly the same as she had when she was healthy. She was timidly giggling at my cousin. My cousin told me that he felt happy in his dream, in the same way as when they had been children together. She was very happy in his dream. He was about to take a photo just as his alarm sounded, so he woke quickly without finishing the dream.

The strange thing is that my cousin never sets an alarm, because he works from home. It just randomly went off that day.

When my cousin looked at the clock, it displayed 8:28am. My sister’s birthday was the 28th of August.

Example: I dreamt of being in an underground chamber with a crowd that counted in the thousands, and a girl and I decide to escape. I followed her on my motorbike before I caught up with her, but I was too slow. I had almost died from cancer when they caught me, but they let me keep walking. The dreamer was afraid of getting cancer, but this never came to be.

If you dream of another person with cancer, you need to first consider that this could represent something about yourself – it may be a sign of your own fears and anxieties, your sexual feeling, your career-minded self, or the part of you that is wary and streetwise. It is extremely rare that a dream will be able to predict the future perfectly, so the person you have dreamt about probably doesn’t have cancer, and probably won’t get it.

Sometimes, a cancer dream is a sign of our attitude towards someone’s emotional significance in our lives. It may be taking away from our happiness and wellbeing. Sometimes this dream is a reflection of the attitudes of society around us, which reflects our own state of health and wellbeing.

Dreaming of cancer can sometimes be a subconscious intuition that part of your body is unwell. This might be a good reason to see your doctor.







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